Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Amazing AK1-3 Helicopter

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Amazing AK1-3 Helicopter is a lightweight helicopter that has been designed and built for a wide range of practical purposes including:

· Surveillance, monitoring of borders, facilities and territories;

· search missions;
· geological exploration, aerial photography;
· pilot training;
· aerial spraying (crops);
· business and pleasure flights;
· aerial sports competitions.

The AK1-3 helicopter conforms to International Airworthiness Regulations (FAR, Part 27) for normal category rotorcraft and international noise abatement regulations. The AK1-3 is certified under The State Administration of Ukraine for Aviation Safety Oversight and bears a Type Certificate Number ТП 0008.

When empty, the helicopter weighs 390 kg. This allows it to be transportable by a small trailer attached to a car. The trailer serves as a mobile landing strip for the helicopter.

The AK1-3 Helicopter is designed according to the one-airscrew scheme with the rudder airscrew consisting of skid-equipped landing gear, a tubular chassis, power-plant, main reducer, main rotor and braced tail beam with a rudder reducer and plumage and a power floor on which the cabin is installed. The cabin is made of composite materials.

The cabin of the helicopter provides free accommodation for two members of the crew. The width of the cabin at shoulder level is 1200 mm (at helicopter R.22 - 1055 mm).

The large windows provide good visibility in all directions. The pilot seats are adjustable on the ground and are equipped with waistband and humeral seat belts.
The pilotage-navigating equipment of the helicopter allows for daytime flights in simple meteorological conditions according to the rules of visual flights. At the request of the customer, the system of onboard navigation GPS can be installed. The system of onboard registration of parameters of flight is in a stage of development.

The airscrew consists of three blades with elastic fastening blades. The blades are made of composite materials with a nonlinear construction.

The rudder airscrew consists of two blades with one general horizontal hinge. Blades of the rudder airscrew are made from composite materials.

In the helicopter, the power-plant on the basis of the piston internal-combustion engine with liquid cooling ЕJ-25 "Subaru" is installed. The engine uses automobile gasoline with fuel performance number 95.
Power from the engine is transmitted through a belt drive with overrunning clutch to a power shaft of the main reducer.

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