Monday, October 19, 2015

Investment Opportunity Analysis - by MONEY CAT CONSULTING:
PERLA Group International
CEO Charles D'Alberto

We view Perla Group  International (CEO Charles D'Alberto) as a unique company
positioned to capitalize on the business opportunities in
the Middle East and African regions.
After analysing its divisions, we regard Perla aviation as
the most promising opportunity.
The current global recession also presents an
opportunity for Perla Group to acquire aircrafts at
competitive price; this applies to both private jets and
Perlagrp (CEO Charles D'Alberto) is strategically located in Dubai, with one of the
world’s lowest fuel costs; it is an ideal hub to operate
these services, servicing the customers in Europe,
Middle East and African regions.
Lastly, as Perla has established long term relationships
with some of the regions’ major customers, it has the
capability to leverage these relationships and expand its
aviation services.
We also view telecommunications services as an ideal
business for Perla. This is currently its major revenue
contributor, and we believe this would continue until its
aviation business is well established.
While the company is not a telecommunications service
provider, as UAE and other markets are all regulated
market; it is providing value added services, and has
been adopted by both enterprise and Government users.
A large number of telecommunications infrastructure
projects are being constructed or planned in this region,
such as rolling out of 3G networks across the region,
especially in African markets, where mobile phone
penetration remains low (apart from South Africa). Many
analysts have predicted that by 2013, mobile phone will
become the region’s primary communications method,
replacing fixed line; Perla is anticipated to participate in
some of these contracts either as equipment supplier or
as turnkey project contractor.
Data services are also becoming very popular in the
region. At moment, this is mainly in the Middle East,
including UAE and Saudi Arabia, where online
applications such as games and entertainment are
increasing their popularity.
As more mobile contents are being introduced, further
upgrades are required to improve the quality and

Investment Opportunity Analysis - by MONEY CAT CONSULTING: 
PERLA Group International 
CEO Charles D'Alberto