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Charles D'Alberto Perla Group International Signs Exclusive Distribution Deal for the AK-1 Helicopter in the USA & Nth African regions!

Perla Group International Signs Exclusive Distribution Deal for the AK-1 Helicopter in the USA & Nth African regions! 

Perla Group International Ltd has signed an Exclusive Distribution Deal for the Ukrainian made Ak-1 Helicopter for the USA and Nth African Regions!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Oct 12th , 2009 – Having followed the development and progress of this helicopter for the past 3 years now, which included an extensive visit to the manufacturing facilities of Ukrainian, DB Aerocopter Ltd, we were convinced that this helicopter is ready to make its mark on the aviation world!
 “I personally flew the AK-1 helicopter while touring the facilities in Poltava, Ukraine and was amazed at this helicopters performance, agility and indeed manufacturing excellence. In its class, it is my opinion and the opinion of many industry professionals that the AK-1 stands alone! 
                                     …………CEO, Founder Perla Group International, Charles Sam D’Alberto

We are very excited about the market opportunities within the respective regions assigned to us. The versatile uses of this helicopter, from business travel, crop spraying, border surveillance, police and security uses, aerial photography, cattle rustling and many others….. Coupled with the low cost to purchase and low maintenance costs, makes this helicopters an aircraft to be reckoned with! Perla Group International’s aviation division Perla Aviation will look to appoint experienced agents in Nth Africa and USA that will assist in the marketing and sales of the AK-1 throughout these regions. “DB Aerocopter LTD. Is very interested in the cooperation and development of sales in different territories, and also to have a reliable partner such as Perla Group International, which holds a stable position in the world market, we are also interested in the development of service, training for technical and flight personnel in the Territories.

About Perla Group International Ltd:
Perla Group International Ltd is a company established in January 2007 by Mr Charles Sam D’Alberto. It operates 4 main divisions: Perla Telecoms, Perla Aviation, Perla Armored Cars, and Perla K-9 Services, and serves the Middle East, African and Sub Continent regions. Perla Group International has rapidly become a unique force in the delivery of goods and services in these areas, and is supported by years of experience in the region by its principles, and evidenced by its success. Perla Group International is now in Pre IPO, ahead of its proposed listing on the Australian Stock Exchange. 
For further information on the IPO please contact us at for all other enquires please contact us at or visit 

About DB Aerocopter Ltd:
 DB Aerocopter LTD established in December 1999 to develop a light helicopter and their serial production. In October 2001, the helicopter made its first flight. In 2005, started serial production of AK1-3, in 2006 the helicopter is certificated under State Administration of Ukraine for Aviation Safety Oversight type Certification Number TP 0008. The AK1-3 complies with the requirements of the AP-27 Airworthiness Regulations for standard category rotorcraft. At 2007 DB Aerocopter LTD received a certificate for maintenance, 2009 - Certificate for production.   


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