Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Is this the way a major airline treats its paying customers? - Charles D'Alberto

A barbaric attack on a paying client!

April 10th 2017 – What can only be described as a ‘Barbaric’ attack on a paying client, and a human being was demonstrated for all to see yesterday by one of the ones, “So called” leading airlines.

The attack occurred when a passenger refused to give up his seats to a United employee due to overbooking. The passenger, a Chinese-american doctor, explained several times that he had to get back to his practice as he had patients awaiting him…. He had every right to remain seated as he paid for his seat, in a binding, legal contract with the airline.

The airline, United Airlines, disagreed and forcibly removed the passenger, with unjust and unwarranted force causing bodily injuries to the passenger.

To add additional salt to the wounds, United CEO, Oscar Munoz doubled down to his employees, and blamed the passenger for his supposed unruly behavior and labeled the passenger as “disruptive and belligerent”

This conduct by United  is unjust, unwarranted and possibly violates the basic human rights and legal rights of the passenger.

You be the judge:

I suspect major lawsuits are being prepared now against United and the officer in question.
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