Tuesday, February 2, 2016

HELICOPTER TRAINING SOFTWARE For R22 & R44 Respectively - Charles D'Alberto

“A picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth even more, so training software must be worth trillions" however it didn't have a lot of literary merit. 
I give you,  Helicopter Training Software.  To the point, effective, conveys the message, provides a great visual, and it works! Just like the software offered by Mauna Loa Helicopters. 
We have accused the industry of being a bit lackadaisical in their approach to progress on more than one occasion, however Mauna Loa provides a glimmer of hope in an otherwise mundane training world.

First lets start off with pre-flight.  We can look back like it was yesterday, enamored with the R22 sitting before us, all of it's complex parts neatly tucked behind panels.  The instructor, a careful and meticulous genius, spouting out every nut and bolt with the authority and knowledge of Frank Robinson himself.  He knew the machine and he knew it well, and he was excited to spread this knowledge.  There was one problem though.  My brain, regardless of how intelligent test scores may or may not say it is, simply could not process the amount of information being given to me.  Don't think I'm saying the instructor did a bad job, there is simply just a whole lot to know.  
What i could have done was gone to see him over and over again until I too was spouting it off like it was my own invention.  This, while effective, isn't necessarily the best investment of both my time and money.  (or the instructors) Furthermore, the resources available were pretty much black and white, and would put you to sleep faster than a lecture on mold growth.  

Until now.
 Mauna Loa Helicopters Pre-Flight Guide for the R22 and R44, and the Helicopter Maneuvers Guide takes things to a whole new level.  In a perfect balance of pictures, videos and animations, the software is like having the best of all worlds combined into one.  Take a great instructor, mesh them with the POH and repeat as often as necessary and there you have it. They even offer a free trial that will allow you to demo a few product modules to get a feel for what the entire software is like.  We assure you, just buy it to begin with.